World’s Most
Minimal Phone Holder
Designed for Phones and Tablets.
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Is designed for those how are looking for a simple and functional phone holder, which can be used at home and office, easy to carry and sturdy to hold phones and tablets.





Easy to Use


Phone Stand 03
The main source of inspiration is derived from a typical gesture of humans, lifting heavy objects, We have transferred the movement into a phone stand to follow the same purpose, lifting and holding a phone.
Idea development
Designing and making a product to be as simple as possible and the same time very functional that can fit to most of the current phone size, by applying a minimalist design approach to be called long-lasting phone stand.
We have made Khaloo to meet most of the current market mobile and tablet size, targeting device screen size from 4.0” up to 8.4 screen size” will make Khaloo a great product for holding any mobile and tablets.
Is design to be used in places such as Home, office, library, coffee shops, retail shops, etc. very light to be carried around.
Easy to use
The phone and tablets can be place horizontal and vertical, and the cable can be easily positioned between Khaloo legs.
*We don’t recommend placing 9.7 “Tablets on vertical mode.
Beatify your desk with Khaloo!
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We have designed Khaloo not only for the functional purpose but also to a good looking stand to make your tables and desk more pleasing, it can be used in many creative ways too, please follow our Instagram page to see different Khaloo applications! avarash.desgin